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NOTE THE "STYLE" IS IN COLOUR "COPPER" by default. You can change the colour by selection under the "Styles" tab


Place an advertisement .

submit new ad
As seen on the left, click on the "Submit a new ad" tab.

The Members tab will highlight and you can Log in/Join now or get a Password reminder, if a Member and forgotten it. You can also change your Password.

The centre pane will show Categories as will the left pane.

To place an ad click in the white circle against the Category you want your ad to be classified under. say, "Animals." Scroll down and click the "Continue" button.

As seen you will be asked to log-in should you be a Member. This is not needed to place your ad.
members login or join
If you register as a Member you can have additional advantages as shown on the pane to the left. (Reduced in size.)

Your login will be remembered and you have access to extra ad functions like, ad on Home Page, Gallery, Highlighted, Edit Adds and Extra Pictures to upload.

You also get a FREE Home Page to accumulate your ads in. Please be aware there is a limited MB size your Home Page is allowed. If you exceed this MB size you will have to remove some ads to ensure you stay within the allotted MB size.

Please also note that uploading of Files will not be allowed for Security reasons.

Registration is FREE.

Scroll down to the ad "Create" pane as seen below.
compose the ad
Here you MUST put in the "Title" and "Description" of your ad.

The title MUST BE greater than 8 Characters and less than 15 Characters or it will produce an error. Do not use "Symbols" as these may not appear correctly.

In the white pane you may add a long description of your ad. You have a large menu to attribute colours, styles, etc if you are a Member.

Now scroll down to select the Category and your information.
As shown to the right, you must enter your correct email address. This will not be displayed on your ad. People contacting you will do so via this email. Keywords are not necessary but can generate searchable links so you can enter, say, animal, cat, etc as we have chosen "Animals" for this example.

Now click on the white square next to "Animals" to place a tick in it. We want to sell or buy or place a cat, so click on the white square next to "cats."

The small blue square with a "-" sign in it to the left of "Animals" will expand or collapse the Categories as will clicking on the "Expand All" and "Collapse All" words at the bottom of the Category menu.

You MUST select from the Areas Menu what Area you want. In this example we have selected "Albury" by clicking on the white square next to the "Albury" Area.

The sub-menu below Howlong is opened by clicking on "Expand All" at the bottom of "Areas" or on the small blue square with a "-" sign in it to the left of Howlong, if the sub-menu is collapsed.

You may upload one picture by clicking on "Choose File" from "Upload Picture#1" Your computer will open allowing you to find the picture you want to Upload. You may title the Upload if desired. If you "Order" Extra image files to Upload (at a small cost) you may Upload up to 10 images. Please be aware there is a limit on the MB size of images. You are allowed to upload a maximum of 10 50kB images, not more. Ensure your Uploaded images are within this kB size or rejection will occur.

Finally, enter the CAPTCHA code from the "Your code" into the "Enter your code" box and click on "Submit."

Any errors made will be indicated in the next pane allowing you to correct these.

Registered Users will have their ads approved automatically. Unregistered Users will be approved once their submitted ad has been APPROVED.
Approved ads will generate an email sent to the advertiser for CONFIRMATION (FREE ads.. if the "Confirm" link is not clicked on the email, the ad will not be placed and deleted within 1 day.) REGISTERED USERS will get confirmation the ad is valid and placed.
A second email will be sent to All submitters of approved ads once the ad becomes visible on the HOWLONG MARKET.

place an ad

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