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The HOWLONG MARKET online is a PUBLIC WEBSITE and to ensure your Privacy is maintained we provide the following explanation:

THE HOWLONG MARKET online values the relationship with HOWLONG Residents and other visitors to our online MARKET.

To ensure you understand how your privacy is protected we provide this notice explaining how the HOWLONG MARKET online (below termed, "Us," "We," or "Our") Privacy Policy practices protect your Privacy and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used. To make this notice easy to find, we make it available, on all pages of the website.

It is ESSENTIAL that you READ this notice and the fact that you use the Services the HOWLONG MARKET provides for you, SUBSTANTIATES that you have READ and AGREED to this information.

To reiterate: When you use the Services of the HOWLONG MARKET it is UNDERSTOOD that you have read this Privacy Policy Notice and AGREED TO IT.

WHEN you use the Services provided by the HOWLONG MARKET, YOU AGREE TO THE ABOVE, OR ELSE:


When you submit your requirements to the HOWLONG MARKET you must supply your email address. Your email address is required to verify that you are alive and not a spambot before allowing you to place an ad. You must enter the "CAPTCHA" data to prove this fact. (This is a small window inviting you to enter characters in it.)

The HOWLONG MARKET collects your Private data and stores this in a secure database provided by the Our Hosting Company used. THIS IS ESSENTIAL TO IDENTIFY YOU, and YOUR USE OF the HOWLONG MARKET SERVICES. (i.e. Nick name; Password et-alia)

The HOWLONG MARKET will never deliberately give, sell, auction, lend, trade or barter this Information to any other party by supplying YOUR Private information to third or other parties, providing your information DOES NOT HAVE an unreasonable impact on other individuals Privacy, unless requested by Australian Law to do so.

To prevent collection by spammers, your email address does not appear anywhere on the HOWLONG MARKET website. If someone wants to send an email to you, they must use the appropriate ONLINE contact form.

Your allotted password is YOUR responsibility. Do NOT give it to a third party, or allow MINORS access to it.

Passwords for registered users are encrypted and stored in a secure database. If you forget your password, YOU can retrieve it using your email address. We cannot retrive it for you but can sned a temporay password should you forget your password used. This is computer-generated and We do not know what this password is.

Passwords can be reset by YOU but not accessed by the HOWLONG MARKET support staff.

  • BUT, you must realise, when submitting an advertisement to the HOWLONG MARKET, you may be DISCLOSING YOUR PRIVATE DATA TO THE WORLD-WIDE-INTERNET-WEB!

If you have a problem with this please, do NOT ADVERTISE ON the HOWLONG MARKET.

The HOWLONG MARKET and the operators thereof, cannot be held responsible for any subsequent invasion of YOUR PRIVACY should you decide to advertise on the the HOWLONG MARKET.

If you are concerned about submitting email addresses We would suggest you use an email protection scheme such as: MAILNULL which is FREE. The HOWLONG MARKET has no affiliation with MAILNULL.


The system used by the HOWLONG MARKET uses a cookie to store data on your computer. This simplifies your log in process. No Marketing or Personal data is collected by this cookie. You may, if so desired, remove this cookie. It is YOUR CHOICE.

When you leave the HOWLONG MARKET website you will be exposed to the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions (T&C) of the website that you are going to visit.

You may link your advertisement to Facebook; Furlnet: del.icio.ous; reddit; technorati; blinklist; digg; google; stumbleupon;; or the RSS linking you choose. We are not responsible for any resulting consequences, to you, from your decision to link to the Social Network you choose, or your decision to use RSS.

Once you leave the Howlong Market website, even 'virtually' by linking to it as above, you are SUBJECT to the PRIVACY POLICY used by the network you decide to link to, NOT the Privacy Policy of the Howlong Market.


HOWLONG MARKET online advertisers use this SERVICE AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Please take reasonable measures to protect your safety and privacy when advertising and responding to Advertisements.

By posting your advertisement, you IMPLICITLY AGREE to hold neither the HOWLONG MARKET or anyone affiliated with the HOWLONG MARKET, responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from your disclosed information or communication to buyers or sellers.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for the use of your Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Bank/Credit Cards/PayPal Accounts. IF YOU ARE OF MINOR AGE.

If you have any concerns relating to YOUR Privacy when using the HOWLONG MARKET please email: admin

Updated: Thursday, August 18, 2011

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